Fallout 4 trailer shows off the possibilities of Intelligence


Bethesda keep on pumping out these amusing animated videos about Fallout 4’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats system and I’m going to keep posting them because I find them very funny. Intelligence is next up, letting us know that it’s vital in hacking, crafting and generally being a clever clogs. In this weeks version it looked like Vault Boy was going to escape relatively unscathed until, well, you’ll see…

We’re keeping a close eye on Fallout 4 details in our everything we know article.

Oof. Poor lad. He deflated like a balloon full of brains.

Based on that quick outro montage, Intelligence will also be governing how you operate vehicles and first aid. It’s always been a stat I’ve struggled with in Fallout, loving the optional routes it opens but not wanting to sacrifice useful things like health, carry capacity and accuracy for it. Tying it further to weapon crafting gives it even more use for the combat-focused and with manual aiming rather that dice-rolling taking center stage this time around, there won’t be much of a trade off.

The game is out quite soon, on November 10th. That’s barely a month! How’s your stat distribution looking?

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