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Fallout 4 video goes behind the scenes with Dogmeat


Dogs – they’re bloody great. Every time I spot one as I’m walking down the street I look at it and say “That’s a dog, that. Look at that dog.”

I’d have a dog myself, but I don’t have the time for all of the walkies and I don’t have the stomach for picking up turds every day. It was bad enough that one time when my eldest was younger and I was clearing out the bath toys – one felt particularly squishy… It wasn’t a toy. 

Anyway, dogs are great. Virtual dogs are even better. Look at D-Dog in Metal Gear Solid V – you can give it a knife and get it to stab people. When’s the last time your dog stabbed someone, eh?

When it comes to game dogs, Dogmeat from Fallout 3 is one of the best. So when I found out there was a video of Fallout 4’s dog that’s made of meat, I was straight on there watching it, pointing and saying “That’s a dog, that. Look at that dog.”

You get to see the dog standing up. You see it running. You see it try catch a frisbee. You even get to see it crawl under a table. Fantastic.

It’s quite an interesting little video, showing off some of the creative work that’s gone into getting Dogmeat’s animations right. His idle animation, the way he breathes, the way he looks at you with those innocent eyes, the way he rips out a raider’s throat and greedily laps up the blood.

The best thing is, nobody cares about a couple of dog turds in the wasteland. You might have a jumpsuit full of guns, but you don’t need to save any room for sandwich bags.

Check out the video below. I apologise for everything.