Fallout 4 video pitches 50 Synths against 50 Raiders, everyone dies horribly


I’ve never seen West Side Story, but the user-made Fallout 4 video below showcases a gigantic scrap that I assume is identical to the bloody battle royal the Jets and the Sharks indulge in. Just, y’know, replace 50 Synths fighting 50 Raiders with two musical-loving gangs dancing aggressively in each other’s direction.

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Pretty rad, huh? The above vid/sweeping pitch battle comes courtesy of YouTuber Tyrannicon. There’s nothing quite like witnessing dozens of videogame decapitations over a 60 second burst, is there? Though for my money, it’s not as impressive as 2500 bits of Skyrim cheese rolling down a mountain.

Just bought a copy of Bethesda’s megaton RPG? Good for you. Isn’t the apocalypse just dandy? While I’ve got you, make sure to check out absolutely everything you need to know about Fallout 4 on PC, where you’ll find greats mods, guides and tips on how to fix faltering frame rates. You may well need help on that last point; even with a GTX 980 TI, I’m getting mad micro-stutter.