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Fallout 4’s Codsworth will say your name, even if it’s a bit rude

Fallout 4 Codsworth

Bethesda was showing off quite a bit of Fallout at QuakeCon, including some new details about the companions you’ll have joining you and Dogmeat as you wander the Boston wasteland. 

As well as some human chums, you’ll be able to go off on radioactive adventures with your robotic butler, Codsworth, who was first shown off during the E3 demo.

Todd Howard noted, at E3, that Codsworth will remember your character’s name and that there’s a database of names that he’ll be able to say outloud. At QuakeCon, a video revealed some of these “popular names”, including Mr. Boobies and Mr. Fuckface.

Yes, Stephen Russell, the voice of the Thief series’ Garrett (up until the latest one), will call you Mr. Fuckface, if you’d like.

Cheers, Polygon.