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Fallout Anthology unites Black Isle and Bethesda in mini-nuke container

Fallout Anthology

Most of the noises coming out of QuakeCon have been shotgun thuds, sickening cracks, approving cheers, and the odd trebly roar of a revenant. But the odd intelligible word has made it out too. Some speak of a boxed collection that pulls together both lineages of Fallout once and for all. And by ‘box’, they mean ‘actual physical mini-nuke that makes bomb sounds’.


The anthology is PC-exclusive – because the PC has hosted very nearly every Fallout – and coming to the US on September 29th. Europeans will wait just a little longer, til October 2nd.

In chronological order, it incorporates Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3’s Game of the Year Edition and Fallout New Vegas’ Ultimate Edition. There’s even a disc space reserved for Fallout 4, which will be with us November 10th.

The only Fallouts missing are sweary PS2 brawler Brotherhood of Steel, which is no great loss, and Fallout Shelter, which you can play on your phone or Pip-Boy.

The collection comes with the full suite of DLC – which means you get a meatier ending for Fallout 3 in Broken Steel, and Obsidian’s funny and fondly-remembered Old World Blues, among other post-release efforts.

The Fallout anthology will cost $49.99 in the US, and will be “limited”. Which sort of Fallout is the finest of them all, do you think?