Fallout: New California mod makers rushing to finish ahead of board game release

fallout new california

While many Fallout fans will have been rejoicing off the back of the news of a new expansion for Fallout: the Board Game, one group of modders are less happy. Namely, the modders making the Fallout 4 New California mod.

The team are working double-time to try and complete the mod they’ve now been working on for seven years. Not only because they don’t want to compete with the board game for popularity but because now there is the thread of Bethesda issuing a cease & desist order, ending the project before it is released into the wild.

Hopefully Fallout: New California will tide us over until the Fallout 76 release date.

Writing on the mod’s Facebook page, one of the modders detailed the work that there is still to do, including new videos and dialogue, before rolling into their current frustrations.

“[Bethesda] have every legal right to C&D us without hesitation. It would be effortless on their part to wipe us out with a single email, erasing 7 years of work.” They argue that their mod is more prominent – “We have a Wikipedia page, we have the first 19 pages on Google search results, the top results are about us, there are news interviews and lets plays and single videos WITH MORE VIEWS THAN THEIR ENTIRE COMPANY YOUTUBE CHANNEL — and they still named their board game Fallout: New California.”

The worry and pressure comes from what it boils down to “They either never googled the words New California or they knew and just didn’t care, because they have the bought and paid for license and we don’t.

“I am not in the mood to find out.”

The modder’s plan had been to have this all done by October but now they’re “going to slam it all into the next couple weeks.”

As much as the team may not want to rename the mod, it wouldn’t be the first time. The New California mod started life as Project Brazil, it was changed because the New California name was more fitting:

“New California is a superior name for this mod,” project leader Brandan Lee said at the time. “It’s opening shot is of California, the intro is all about California, we say California several times in the narration, it’s set in California, within New California Republic territory, about the struggles of New California against California factions that impact the New California Republic in New Vegas.”