Fallout Shelter will hunker down on PC in July

Fallout Shelter

In the lead-up to Fallout 4’s release last year, Bethesda released Fallout Shelter: a 2D mobile game where you managed the population of an underground vault. It proved exceptionally popular; so popular that Bethesda are bringing it to PC. 

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The updated version of Fallout Shelter launches in July, and features quests and a new combat system. Your vault dwellers will be able to go on adventures to places in the wasteland, use familiar weapons and armour, and battle all the terrifying monsters of the nuclear apocalypse with improved combat. It’s all rendered in that cute Valut-Tec cartoon style, and looks a lot of fun.

Footage of the new additions and PC version can be seen in the above video from 2:11 mark.

Did you play Fallout Shelter on mobile? Will you start a new campaign on PC?