Gordon Ramsay critiques the culinary skills of the Commonwealth in this Fallout 4 video

Fallout 4 Gordon Ramsay

If you don’t know what a Gordon Ramsay is, this is what you need to know: he’s an ex-football player turned sweary celebrity chef. He made his name by berating people’s cooking skills on telly, essentially. One of his career highlights is slapping a round of bread to each side of someone’s head and making them call themselves an “idiot sandwich.”

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He’s like an angry, sentient cliff face who really doesn’t like it if you serve him raw meat. You might have seen him in Hell’s Kitchen, a popular cooking show where he eats lovely food from nice chefs and then tells them to f**k off.

Someone has recaptured the angry soul and craggy face of the man himself in Fallout 4, using soundbites from his shows to mock up a scenario where the celebrity chef is judging post-apocalyptic grub.

There’s also a section where he dives for crabs. It’s all very well done, so I won’t spoil it any more. Be prepared for some bad language, though. Have a watch above.