Inevitably, modders have added working lightsabers to Fallout 4

Fallout 4 lightsaber

Of course they were going to. The only surprise is that it took the Fallout 4 modding community this long. Invalidfate is the creator who made it happen, adding ‘sabers of four colours, complete with authentic sound effects, to the Commonwealth. 

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They’re available in pink, red, orange and blue, and can be complemented with a Darth Vader mask and dressing gown to get about as close as it’s possible to get to full Jedi status in Fallout 4.

In fact, the DIY aesthetic of the dressing gown makes the lightsaber wielder look that bit more scary, if you ask me. No longer a cosplayer or galactic tyrant, the bathrobe makes you a common-or-garden maniac wielding an extrodinarily powerful melee weapon.

You’ll be delighted to hear that they extend from the hilt when activated, too.

The mod’s been downloaded over 29,000 times since it was released in late December. It’s almost as if there’s an enormous crossover of people who play videogames and are currently really excited about Star Wars for some reason. I’ll let the brainiacs in their marketing meetings figure that one out.

You can try the mod out for yourself by downloading it from the Fallout Nexus.

Thanks, PC Gamer.