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Remember Gabe the Dog? This Fallout 4 mod turns him into comfy pillows

Gabe the Dog lives on - with a comfy pillows Fallout 4 mod

Remember Gabe the Dog? The adorable little American Eskimo-Pomeranian dog that captured the imagination of YouTubers, who have turned footage of him barking into many weird and wonderful remixes, like this incredible Indiana Jones-themed video. Very sadly, Gabe passed away in 2017, but his spirit lives on, and now he’s come to Fallout 4 – one modder has imprinted comfy pillows in the game with Gabe’s little face.

The Comfy Pillow – Gabe Edition Fallout 4 mod by creator Vrexia is pretty much how it sounds – it retextures the plump white cushions, which can be found scattered around some vaults in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth, with the little celebrity pup’s visage. Judging by the user’s sad “sniffs” on the mod page, it sounds like the pillow is a kind of tribute to the little dog, and it does seem a sweet tribute, if an interesting one.

Although better than the regular or dirty pillows that can be found in-game, the comfy pillow is technically a junk item which you’d probably normally break down into its component parts (in Fallout 4 it gives you three cloth resources, compared to the other pillows’ one or two) or ignore. With this mod, though, you’d probably want to reconsider and let Gabe’s face brighten your Fallout 4 settlement instead.

Fallout 4 is probably one of the best RPGs on PC and surely deserves to be adorned, not only with the best Fallout 4 mods, but perhaps also Gabe’s sweet little face. If you’re keen to grab the Comfy Pillows – Gabe Edition mod, head over to Nexus Mods.

In case you haven’t had your fill of pillow talk for the week, check out this fan-made Skyrim pillow that greets you with your demise every morning. Ralof of Riverwood’s face is probably a less friendly sight first thing than Gabe’s, though.

Top image credit: Vrexia/Nexus Mods