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This Fallout 4 mod makes us suspect it’s a portal to the Meat Dimension

A seemingly bugged-out Fallout 4 mod creates an epic loot shower

Fallout 4 mod - collection of random loot lying on the floor

Ridiculous Fallout 4 mods are the best kind, I’m sure you’ll agree. The simple act of playing the vanilla game can result in no shortage of hilarity, so adding mods to the mix is enough to turn Bethesda’s grim, post-apocalyptic Boston into a carnival of absolute nonsense.

The latest mod to catch our eye creates an otherworldly portal through which all manner of loot pours, from guns to random cuts of mystery meat. The thing is that creator Wiz1’s mod was never intended to do this. That said, the end results of the mod seemingly going haywire are rather marvellous, so let’s just call it a happy accident.

Quite what has gone wrong is unclear, but we do know that the mod allows you to teleport any person or creature into a relay grenade, then release them by chucking said grenade. If the game reckons that the selected person or creature has been deleted, every single item they were carrying will fly out from wherever the grenade happens to blow.

Here’s a video of the loot shower in action, courtesy of Reddit user Niekmfoxtzom.

I accidentally made a loot shower mod. from r/fo4

The highlight really is the complete lack of reaction from any of the NPCs present. Your silly loot shower isn’t about to interrupt their riveting conversations. They do not care for your antics; they have walls to stare at.

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