Nexus Mods may have been hacked, this is your password reset warning

Nexus Mods hack

There’s a possibility that Nexus Mods, the hub for countless mods for 216 PC games, has been hacked. Thus it is recommended that you proceed immediately to your Nexus Mods account (should you own one) and make a password change right now. 

The breach appears to only affect user registrations up to mid-2013, but Nexus Mods is recommending that all users reset passwords. The hack also seems to have led to changes to some mod files. 

Password changed? Alright, let’s get back to the modding with the best Fallout 4 mods.

Mods that have so far been identified as having strange changes made to them are Higher Settlement Budget, Rename Dogmeat, and BetterBuild. The authors note that a suspicious “dsound.dll” files has been added to the mods. The file has been sent of analysis to discover what it does.

Nexus Mods representative DarkOne explained in a statement that “it’s too ambiguous to draw any concrete conclusion”, but there is potential there has been a database breach. Thankfully “it’s relatively safe to assume that whoever made this dump no longer has access to our database. Why? Because if they did, they’d have released a much more up-to-date dump of our member database.”

You should be safe if you registered after July 22nd 2013, but if not the potential hack may have compromised your user ID, username, and email address. Passwords are encrypted, but they could be broken into with time. If you’re a premium subscriber there’s no concerns about payment details since that side is handled completely by PayPal.

You can change your password at the Nexus Mods account page.

Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun.