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Obsidian to work on next Fallout?

fallout new vegas obsidian

Okay, so that headline might be wishful thinking on my part but today Eric Fenstermaker – one of Obsidian Entertainment’s lead writers – did respond really rather positively to a question on future work on the Fallout franchise. There it is, folks: Fallout: New Hampshire, Fallout: New Delhi or, eh, Fallout: Newcastle Upon Tyne confirmed on PCs before the start of the next Great War.

I may as well add one of the above to our list of upcoming PC games as I’m that sure one of ‘em will happen.

Joking aside, Fallout 3 and its main series successor Fallout 4 were both made by Bethesda Game Studio in 2008 and 2015, respectively. Tucked between those two – and released just two years after number 3 – however, was the Obsidian-made Fallout: New Vegas. It was better. You’ll hear other folks tell you otherwise, but for me it was way better.

When asked on Twitter today if he’d consider making another Fallout game, Fenstermaker – who was also the lead writer and narrative designer on South Park: The Stick of Truth – said: “I’m always up for working on a Fallout. I think most of us generally are. Really fun property to work with.”

Although received less favourably on a critical level, New Vegas took all that was good in Fallout 3 and improved upon it – the result of which meant far more engaging quests, more endearing characters, and a relatively sophisticated faction system. The latter feature was sorely missed from Bethesda’s latest bite at the post-apocalyptic cherry, and I for one would’ve rather it returned this time round over the perfunctory settlement system we got served instead.

So there you go, make of that what you will (no you wrote a leading headline). Even if this is trivial, though, where would you like to see the next Fallout take place and who would you have steering the boat: Bethesda or Obsidian?