PSA: Game are currently selling Fallout 4 boxed version for £24.99, inexplicably £15 cheaper than the download

Fallout 4 beta patch

Let’s not get into the precise mechanics of how a physical version of a game can possibly cost less than a download code and simply focus on the good news: it appears that Game UK are selling Fallout for for a highly reasonable £24.99. If for some reason you’ve been perching on the fence since the game’s release, now might be the time to swoop in for the kill. 

Fallout 4 makes the cut into our best PC RPGs list. Congrats, Super Mutants.

So, the Steam price for Fallout 4 on Game’s site is currently £39.99. The boxed edition has been snipped down to £24.99, and although it appears that deal was originally intended to run from 4th December to the 9th, it’s still in effect at the time of writing. Delivery’s free, and orders placed now will arrive in time for Christmas, while stocks last of course.

It isn’t the giant leap forwards from the established Bethesda RPG that some might have hoped for, but Fallout 4 is nontheless a sterling game with tremendous depth. You can spend 30 hours trawling the sea for loot, for example, or render the game unrecognisable with the lunatic concoctions of the modding community. It’s a laugh.