Fallout 4 mod remakes Bethesda RPG as a realistic war FPS

A Fallout 4 mod completely remakes the Bethesda RPG as a realistic, survival, war FPS in the vein of The Day Before, Road to Vostok, and Call of Duty

Fallout 4 mod remakes Bethesda RPG as a realistic war FPS: Preston Garvey, part of the Minutemen faction in Bethesda RPG Fallout 4

A new Fallout 4 mod completely transforms the Bethesda RPG into a realistic, brutal, and survival-based FPS set during a civil war, with visuals and style reminiscent of The Day Before, Road to Vostok, and Call of Duty.

Fallout 4 mods can be big or small, changing perhaps just a few creature textures and weather effects or, in other cases, making Bethesda’s 2015 opus feel like a different game entirely. Obscurum IV: Statesec, from creator Thumblesteen, is certainly an example of the latter, adding new guns, factions, missions, environments, and even mechanics into the apocalypse RPG.

The premise is simple. The Minutemen (or at least, Obscurum’s version of the Minutemen) are locked in a perpetual civil war with another Commonwealth faction called the Commonwealth Separatist Regiment. As a Minutemen officer, you roam the map looking for the next big skirmish, raid enemy strongholds to gather intel, and gradually attempt to turn the tide through a series of pitched gun battles featuring meaty, realistic-sounding weapons.

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“Most enemy encounters and factions such as raiders, generic spawns, dogs, ghouls, flies, you name it, have been replaced with various soldiers,” Thumblesteen explains. “You recover tactical and strategic resources such as intel, officer’s berets (to collect bounties), hazmat materials, and even nuclear weapon cores. You then bring these items to your base and use a special terminal to trade them in for resources that can be exchanged for useful things such as shipments, guns, and uniforms.

“Just about every gun in the game has been replaced,” they continue, “a bunch of new stuff has been added, the random encounter system has been modified, several factions have been replaced, and a lot of things work differently now. I’ve also overhauled the AI to be a lot more interesting, and most NPCs will now fight with more fun and varied tactics.”

As opposed to picking away at an enemy’s HP with energy weapons, the combat in Obscurum feels more chaotic and urgent, with deafening assault rifles, tough enemies, and swift deaths. The landscape and weather have been transformed to reflect a more bleak, war-torn atmosphere, and even respawning is limited, as you now need to collect a rare item that allows you to make random saves. You can check out Obscurum at Nexus Mods.

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