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The Fallout 4 modding scene has already started

Fallout 4 rail gun

Fallout 4, like Skyrim and Bethesda’s other Fallout games, will support and embrace modding when it releases in November this year. But that’s just too far away for some members of the modding community. Already players have announced their intentions to mod, and shown off what’s already in the works. 

Zealotlee made mods for Fallout 3, and has announced on the Bethesda forums their intention to bring mods to Fallout 4. Their first project is a Rail Rifle, which will be able to go through various configurations thanks to Fallout 4’s crafting system. Created so far are the untextured models for three variants, which will be imported into Fallout 4 when the tools become available.

You can see all of Zaelotlee’s Rail Gun models on Imgur.

With such dedication already been shown, don’t be surprised if there’s a heavy pool of mods to dive into within days of Fallout 4 release.

Thanks, VG247.