Fallout 4 mod brings cardboard Todd Howard to your home

A Fallout 4 mod has added Bethesda's Todd Howard into the RPG game, immortalising his most famous phrase into one of the developer's biggest series

Todd Howard comes to Fallout 4 as a cardboard cutout, because why not: a cardboard cutout of Bethesda's Todd Howard is in the foreground, with a screenshot of Fallout 4 in the background

Need a new Fallout 4 mod that completely changes how you play the game? Well, this isn’t it. Instead, a true champion of the modding community has done what no one else would dare to do, and has added Todd Howard of Bethesda into Fallout 4, which might just push the RPG game above New Vegas as the best in the series.

Created by dpillari, “Todd Howard Cardboard Cutout” immortalises the man of a thousand accidental catchphrases into Fallout 4, finally. You can place the cutout anywhere in the settlement mode of the game, in either 2K or 4K textures. You can find Howard in the statue section of decorations when building a settlement.

The cutout even comes with two editions, the standard edition and the “it just works” speech bubble edition (which I’m sure you need to pre-order to get). This is a reference to Howard’s Fallout 4 E3 presentation where he said “all of this just works” when talking about the open-world game’s settlement mode.

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Honestly, I don’t think mods can get any better than this. Total conversion mods like Fallout: London and Fallout: Miami are getting a run for their money here, do they include a cardboard cutout of Todd Howard? Didn’t think so. In all seriousness though, those types of projects are incredible achievements and clearly show how widespread and detailed mods can be; this on the otherhand highlights just how brilliantly bizarre they can be too (and no shade to dpillari for modelling this, it’s amazing).

Creator dpillari has plenty of other mods too, like high resolution item textures, extra in-lore pieces for settlement building, a repaint and remodel of some weapons in Fallout 4, and more. You can find dpillari’s profile and the Todd Howard Cardboard Cutout mod over on Nexus Mods.

If all of this has got you itching for Fallout 5, we’ve got everything currently known on the game in one place from the Fallout 5 release date, to single-player info, and latest details as well.