Unlock Fallout 4’s secret harpoon gun

Fallout 4 harpoon gun

Hidden away inside Fallout 4 are countless special, fancy bits of kit, from cryoguns to junk-flinging devices, but some are so hidden that they can’t be discovered in conventional ways. The harpoon gun, for example. 

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The harpoon gun, a glorious underwater death-dealer, never made it into the game, unfortunately. Possibly because there were underwater sections in Fallout 4 originally, which were eventually — and given how awful underwater combat usually is, thankfully — pulled, or perhaps just put on hold for the inevitable mountain of DLC.

You can still play with it, however.

Modder deathknight72 uncovered the weapon and unlocked it, so you can finally harpoon enemies to your heart’s content. It replaces the railway rifle, which functions in the same way. You can see it in action below, courtesy of Tyrannicon.

I will be using it myself, later, because I have a vendetta against Mirelurks, and a harpoon seems like the perfect remedy.