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Here’s how much real money Fallout 76 Atoms cost

Fallout 76 is live, and so is its microtransaction-powered Atomic Shop

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Fallout 76 has gone live well ahead of schedule, and while that partly means it’s time to play, it also means we can now look at the Atomic Shop and figure out how all these microtransactions work in practice. You could already earn Atoms in-game via the beta, and those rewards seem to have paid out fairly well – but now you can actually buy the currency, too.

It works pretty much as any other microtransaction currency does. One Atom equates to roughly one US cent, and you can buy increasingly large supplies for increasingly large discounts. 500 Atoms are $4.99, 1100 Atoms are $9.99, 2400 Atoms are $19.99, and 5000 atoms are $39.99. The only real surprise is that the purchase options top out at $40, though you’re certainly able to keep buying as much as you want.

Items in the Atomic Shop start out at around 200-300 Atoms, and go up to about 2000 for the most expensive Power Armour paint jobs. The highs and lows are all subject to change as more items are added over time, but that should give you a rough idea of what to expect.

If you prefer not to spend extra on items, check out our guide to Atoms challenges to start earning currency for free. You’ll get a bunch of Atoms in the early game for completing standard challenges, and though that trickle will slow down over time you’ll still have daily and weekly challenges to keep the currency rolling in over time.