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You can change your Fallout 76 character at any time - from hair to sex

Fallout 76 character creation will allow you to change your look at any time

Today, the folks at Bethesda provided a more extensive look at the details of Fallout 76, including character creation. Defining your character’s look is based on the Fallout 4 system, though Todd Howard says it’s “even better” – and your customization options don’t end once you step out of the vault.

Instead, you’ll be able to hit the character creator at any time during the game, offering you the opportunity to fully redefine the basics of what you look like. That means you can change your skin colour, your hair, and even your sex – nothing is off the table.

There’s also a full photo mode, which you can use to take your “badge photo” – a sort of selfie system that defines your look. There are poses, expressions, photo filters, and the like. This also apparently extends beyond character creation, letting you take pictures around Fallout 76’s vision of West Virginia.

Keep any eye out for the Fallout 76 release date – in the meantime, we’ll keep you updated with all the details as they become available. Bethesda’s loading the info on us during today’s stream. You can check out the stream live on the Bethesda Twitch channel, along with some fresh bits of game footage.