You’ll have to try really hard to hit someone with a nuke in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 nukes

Update, June 21: Fallout 76’s nukes (hopefully) won’t take you by surprise.

Players will be notified about incoming nuclear strikes in Fallout 76. In an interview at E3, Bethesda’s senior vice president, Pete Hines, clarified that while players will be able to access nuclear weapons, they won’t be able to directly target one another with them. If you do happen to be at risk, the game will notify you of your impending disintegration to help you avoid a fiery death.

Hines also made it clear that bombs are a long-term endgame goal that is difficult to achieve, stating that “they’re not easy to get, they won’t be firing off every five minutes.

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In an interview with, Hines said that “you can’t target each other” with the weapons. Instead, you can “nuke a specific part of the world,” but “you can’t target an individual. I can’t see you running around the map and go ‘I want to nuke that guy’.”

Players will also be warned when a nuke is launched if they’re about to find themselves in the blast zone; “when a nuke is coming in on an area of the map, the people there will get notified, so you know that you can stand there and not do anything, but you could also get the hell out of the way and then you won’t get nuked.”

Various nuclear bunkers will be dotted over the Fallout 76 map, and you can go and seek them out, but Hines makes it clear that this isn’t an easy task, saying that “You have to get parts of a code so you have one full code. You then have to get to the place where you go to enter that code, which is obviously not just open doors and walk right in.”

Once the nuke hits, it’ll deal quite a lot of damage. But the intention is not simply to create havok across the map. Hines says that The area where the nuke drops is going to make, for a period of time, a high-level area. So the area where the nuke drops is going to have some really rare resources, some of the better loot, some really tough creatures to fight, and it’s obviously going to be really heavily irradiated, so you don’t want to waltz right in there.”

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The Fallout 76 release date has been confirmed, and Bethesda also confirmed that there will be a Fallout 76 beta, although we don’t know when or how you’ll be able to gain access to that. Expect to see it in the coming weeks or months – we’ll update when we know more.