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Enjoy a photographer’s tour through real-life Fallout 76 landmarks

Fallout 76's setting is beautiful in real life

Fallout 76 has seen a pretty rough launch, but one area where the game’s knocked it out of the park is its setting. Dropping the the typical nuclear deserts in favour a less desolate West Virginia gives the game a big splash of life and colour, and the setting is pretty true to real-world locations rarely explored in pop culture. Photographer Alex Stead has made that comparison in the most direct way possible – by shooting the real-life locales with gaming laptop in hand.

Some of the highlights include shots of the New River Gorge Bridge, Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University, the state Capitol Building in Charleston, and – of course – the autumnal forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can see the results below, representing both the real locations and their in-game counterparts.

Strictly speaking, this is a sponsored series for a line of Nvidia gaming laptops – but as ads go, it’s a very cool one. Stead is posting some further results from the shoot on his Instagram, and if you’ve got an account there you can check out some additional content from this story.

Enjoy those images.

Further patches are still incoming, but based on our Fallout 76 review you may have a better time booking a real-life trip than playing the game – and the West Virginia tourist board is happy to capitalise on the promotion afforded here. We’ll see how it all pans out in the end, but we can at least count on those country roads to take us home.