Bethesda hasn’t decided how much Fallout 76 servers will synchronize

fallout 76 server synchronization

As we all know by now, Fallout 76 is going full multiplayer, which leaves a whole bunch of questions in the air about how servers are going to work. Bethesda’s kept a lot of the nitty gritty details vague, and it seems that’s partly because they haven’t decided how it’s all going to work – and that includes, for the moment, parts of how server synchronization will work.

Todd Howard says that players will see synchronization at the server level, with players seeing the same conditions at the same time. But the team hasn’t decided how far that will go across that server’s digital West Virginia, as there are “benefits” in not having the entire server synced.

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That info comes to us via Reddit, with a machine-translated version of an interview conducted by Italian outlet – hence why the detail is a bit fuzzy, on top of Howard’s reticence to provide more.

Some of those details will be ironed out in the upcoming beta, but this vagueness may be by design. Bethesda wants the online experience to be largely seamless, without server browsers to look at, and with simple migrations of your camp to new instances whenever you log in. Of course, those of you who are more particular about your multiplayer experience will be waiting a bit longer for more info.

The Fallout 76 release date is coming up fast, and it appears there’s plenty of details left to finalize before that day comes. A new batch of interviews have given us details on radiant quests, microtransactions, and the wanted system, and we’ll keep you updated on everything as we learn about it.