Fallout 76 will have themed perks delivered through card packs

Fallout 76 card perk system will include themed perks

Bethesda has confirmed that themed perks will be implemented into Fallout 76, to fit in with the real-world calendar and in-game events. It’s hard to deny that the idea of sending the Wasteland back into fallout in Christmas themed explosions sounds anything less than wonderful.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, director Todd Howard said “There are hundreds of cards(…)The cards allow us to be very flexible moving forward. We can release new perks with events we are doing, and also have themed perks.”

We’ve had a lot of info circulating about the new card system in Fallout 76, which replaces the traditional perk system in favour of a more balanced slot-in-slot out perk system. While many of the perks seem identical as in Fallout 4, in a recent interview with Game Informer, the developers at Bethesda confirmed that perks are not going to be as fixed and mechanically bound as in previous games.

“In Fallout and Skyrim,” Howard states, “[skill systems] were really great, but when we got into the DLC, we said, ‘Let’s add skills or perks. We looked at them, and said, ‘Where? The rules are so strict.’ The new perk system seems favourable for a multiplayer system, allowing there to be rebalancing and restructuring with the addition of new cards as the developers see fit.

Fallout 76 is due out this autumn, and many fans are already bracing themselves to explore the Wasteland, defeat other players and set off nukes. The level of anarchy is determined largely by the player; so we’re wagering the wasteland is going to be that much more explosive come November 14th.