Fallout 76 players are running a music festival to get trees planted in inner cities

Weeklong charity Fallout streaming marathon not enough? Let's add an in-game music festival to the mix

Fallout superfans spend even more time than the rest of us in greenery-free hellscapes, but the Fallout For Hope charity initiative is back again, and this time the aim is to make our cities a little easier to breathe in. After supporting St. Jude’s in a similar event back in December, the group is now working to raise money for the American Heart Association’s plant-a-tree initiative.

The event runs from May 24 to May 31, and over 100 Fallout streamers have already signed up to participate. But the organisers tell us via email that the big push for this one is Fallopalooza – an in-game music festival where players who are also musicians will perform in custom-built concert venues inside Fallout 76.

If you’re wondering why the American Heart Association is into this whole tree-planting thing, the organisation recently ran a study suggesting that green spaces can correlate to fewer heart disease deaths. Better air quality, healthier lungs, and thus healthier hearts.

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