Fallout 76 glitch causes intestine shortage and forces an in-game event temporarily offline

A Collectron wearing a Fasnacht Day mask in Fallout 76

A Fallout 76 bug has made a recent in-game event hard to digest. The Fasnacht Parade event originally went live in 2019, and was scheduled to return this week. But shortly after it went online, players found that a bug introduced weeks ago had caused an intestine shortage that made the event nearly-impossible to complete.

Fasnacht Parade has you escorting a selection of masked robots for a parade, but first, you have to complete a series of tasks for them. One of those tasks is to collect intestines from small animals. But, as Kotaku notes, small animals haven’t been properly spawning in Fallout 76 for weeks now.

In a follow-up on Reddit, Bethesda says that players reported this issue during PTS testing, but the studio couldn’t reproduce it and thus didn’t expect it to be a problem on live servers. The devs have now figured out a fix, and Fasnacht Parade is tentatively scheduled to return on May 27 at 7:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST.

As a make-good, the event is getting extended to June 9, and players will get a bundle of free items from the in-game shop on June 2.

By most accounts, Bethesda’s take on multiplayer games is substantially better than it was at launch, but Fallout 76 just seems to keep frustrating its regular players – though, in fairness, few online games manage not to.