Fallout 76 devs looking into Legendary crafting system “improvements”

"We’ve [...] seen lots of community conversation about the Legendary crafting system"

Fallout 76’s upcoming Steel Reign update is bringing a new Legendary weapon crafting feature, and fans signed up to the MMORPG’s public test server have been getting stuck into playtesting it. So far, players have had pretty mixed feelings about the system, but it looks like Bethesda Game Studios is going to be making some changes to aspects of it for future PTS updates.

“We’ve […] seen lots of community conversation about the Legendary crafting system, and we’re keeping a close eye on those discussions,” the studio says in its latest Inside the Vault post. “While it is still early in this phase of playtesting, we are looking to make some improvements in future PTS updates. For example, we’re looking into adjusting some Legendary core drop rates and permanently increasing the Legendary scrip limit, to help players more easily scoop up components they need to make legendary items.” Bethesda also asks that PTS players keep the feedback coming, both on this aspect and other features of the coming update.

Since the PTS was launched around this time last week, players have raised questions about a few different facets tied to the Legendary crafting system, such as core drop rates, scrip costs, and randomised weapon stat re-rolls.

But, it looks like some of these community concerns should hopefully be addressed by the time the next PTS update drops, based on Bethesda’s post. It’s not clear exactly how much the drop rates and scrip limits might be re-tuned, but hopefully it won’t be long before we find out.

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Elsewhere in the online RPG game’s May 2021 blog post, Bethesda reveals it’s giving out some in-game pennants for players’ CAMPs for use in the live servers. To nab these, you just have to complete a few objectives in the PTS before it wraps up in July, the details of which are in the blog post. Additionally, the studio’s helping players get stuck into PTS playtesting more quickly and easily by adding several pre-made characters to all testing server accounts.