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Underrated survival game Fallout 76 needs your input on crafting

Fallout 76 has come a long way but there’s even further to go, with a new update set to completely overhaul how legendary crafting works.

Underrated survival game Fallout 76 needs your input on crafting: A power armor-clad warrior stands in Skyline Valley.

There are few games that have had a redemption arc as thorough as Fallout 76. From an empty sandbox with little to do and even less of a reason to be there, it’s become one of the best multiplayer survival games out there. It’s now got a compelling set of quests, tons of activities, a thriving playerbase, one of the best maps for sheer exploration in gaming, and some of the best storytelling and lore seen in a Fallout game since New Vegas. Bethesda isn’t prepared to stop tinkering with it, however, with a new update promising to overhaul legendary crafting.

Fallout 76 has been on a roll recently, with a huge new region to explore and the announcement that players will finally get to slip into the radioactive skin of a ghoul. There’s a few more changes hitting the survival game soon, with the new public test server giving players the chance to test them before they go live. The largest update on the horizon will affect legendary crafting, overhauling how it works.

Previously crafting a legendary item required legendary cores which would give you random effects on your item. The overhauled system will instead use a new material – legendary particles – to ensure you can craft specific gear with specific affixes instead. You’ll earn these particles by scrapping legendary items or through trading, which is also exactly how you will learn the blueprints for the affixes you want to craft. Once you’ve got what you need you’ll be able to make something with exactly what you want – no more rolling and re-rolling until you make the right item (or run out of legendary cores).

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This is a big change for the system but should allow for greater accuracy in gearing up for endgame content. We don’t know just yet if the existing method using cores will persist alongside the new version of crafting – the only statement from Bethesda so far has been that it is evaluating how it wants to manage legendary cores in the future. While this already seems like a fairly robust system the developer is asking for feedback before it hits the live game, requesting that players try out the test server on Steam and report back on Discord and Reddit with any issues or requests.

Away from crafting, this next update will also let you start your own caravan company though there are few details about what exactly that will entail just yet. The Mischief Night event will return, you’ll be able to browse and view other player camps, and combat has received a few tweaks with damage over time effects currently in the firing line.

You can play this update on the Fallout 76 public test server now and the full patch notes can be found over on the official site.

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