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Fallout 76 fans have found a nifty solution for this week’s Heart Wrencher challenge

It seems it's all about those Mirelurk hatchlings

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Recently, Bethesda introduced a new set of limited-time challenges to Fallout 76 as part of a (sort of) Valentine’s themed event called Spread the Love. This brings, among other things, regular ‘Heart Wrencher’ challenges, which see players complete tasks in pursuit of rewards – and it looks like the online RPG game’s fans have found a nifty solution to the one on offer this week.

On the Fallout 76 subreddit, various threads have been popping up which share some helpful advice on how to complete this week’s Heart Wrencher challenge, which is all about wiping out those pesky Mirelurks (30, to be precise). It seems the answer isn’t just to go for full-blown Mirelurks but rather their weaker hatchlings. “Easy way to complete this week’s Heart Wrencher challenge: go to Quarry X3, and get the Mirelurk Queen outside of the doorway to the building. Kill the Mirelurk hatchlings she spawns until the challenge is done,” Redditor Sgt_Kane posts.

Similarly, others in the multiplayer game’s community have been posting that “hatchlings from Mirelurk eggs count towards the last weekly Heart Wrench challenge”, with nests near the Ohio River reportedly being a prime spot, while another notes that grenades can be used to do the job.

User Branded_Mango has said: “instead of doing 30 gruellingly long melee duels with an armoured, block-spamming crab, you can just run up to Mirelurk nests, trigger the egg hatching Mirelurk spawns, and just one-shot them since they too as Mirelurks count as Mirelurk kills”. Neat.

We haven’t tried this ourselves, but a bunch of fans in the community have been replying, thanking the posters for their tips, so it sounds like it’s worth a good shot if you’re determined to nail this week’s Heart Wrencher challenge. And a good thing, too, as some of the more mature Mirelurk variants found about Fallout 76’s world can be tricky little blighters to take out.

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