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Fallout 76 celebrates Pride with free flag bundle

Players looking to show off their true selves during Pride can do just that in Fallout 76 as the game offers a free flag bundle to commemorate the event.

A female Vault Dweller from Fallout 76 wearing the iconic blue jumpsuit with a rainbow 76 logo on her back

Fallout 76 has not gone without its fair share of controversy throughout the years, stemming from its initial announcement during 2018’s E3 to its countless bugs past the game’s release. Every once in a while though, Bethesda brings something good to the MMO proving that the work to improve Fallout 76 and keep its playerbase engaged will never end. As June continues to unfold, more games are taking note of this year’s Pride celebrations. Fallout 76 is no exception, as it offers up a bundle of free decorative flags for players to show off in-game in honor of Pride.

While the Atomic Shop is Fallout 76’s optional marketplace in which players can spend real money on cosmetics and other such features, the in-game storefront also offers free deals from time to time. Right now, you can grab the Pride flag bundle for free from the Atomic Shop. It includes a diverse variety of LGBT-related flags, from the more general rainbow one to others supporting more specific communities within the umbrella such as the bisexual and lesbian flags.

The Pride flags function as other furniture items in Fallout 76 do, meaning that you can place them anywhere within your C.A.M.P. They are pretty tall though, so I would recommend having it wave proudly outside your front door, wherever that may be on Appalachia’s vast map. Since the bundle is free as a whole, you don’t need to pick just one flag either. You can fly the one specific to your own identity while flying others alongside it to show your support.

A screenshot of the Fallout 76 shop showcasing a free bundle of Pride flags

Speaking as a certified gaymer myself, there’s nothing I love more than tactically useless cosmetic items that exist simply to spruce up my character or home in-game. I am always happy to see such items being given away for free during events, and Fallout 76’s Pride flag bundle caters directly to that very joy of mine. I have already had the bisexual flag equipped as my portrait for a while now, so you’d best believe the actual flag itself will be up outside of my shabby little post-apocalyptic house.

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