Fallout: New Vegas mod forces you to drink from a toilet to save progress

Stop save-scumming with this Fallout: New Vegas mod that transforms toilets into save points

fallout new vegas toilet saves

Forget all the controversy and disappointment surrounding Fallout 76, because hard-working modders are doing everything in their power to make the older Fallout games as good as they can possibly be.

In the case of this save system mod for Fallout: New Vegas, creator CapnLilNemo strives to improve on Obsidian Entertainment’s roleplaying titan by making you drink out of toilets in order to save your progress.

Despite its exceptionally silly nature, there’s is some sound reasoning behind this mod. Inspired by the save system in Dead Rising, where players save progress by entering bathrooms across the zombie-infested shopping mall – they’re evenly spaced out and safe from the undead horde. As it happens, the only structures that appear across the Mojave Wasteland with regularity are bathrooms, making them the ideal site for implementing a limited save system without making any dramatic changes to the open world itself. As the mod’s description reads, “Water. Water never Changes.”

The Advanced Toilet Save System mod for Fallout: New Vegas won’t make it so drinking from any toilet will save your game, so if you find a stray toilet out in the wastes leave it well alone as it’s likely just carrying radiation and disease. Don’t worry though, the mod creator is working on turning as many toilets into save points as possible.

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CapnLilNem has even disabled toilet traps form the popular Tale of Two Wastelands mod so you can slurp away, safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to be electrocuted or blow apart. This may all sound utterly bizarre, but this mode serves a brilliant purpose by inhibiting save-scumming and adding more challenge for those who are still replaying Fallout: New Vegas.