Fallout 1 takes on a different perspective as a New Vegas mod


As expertly as Bethesda captured the grim humour and pulp violence of the original Fallout games, it’s sometimes hard to reconcile the two histories the series has had. Just how alike are these games? It looks like we’re going to explore that question at length, thanks to a fan-effort remake of Fallout 1 in New Vegas.

Fallout: The Story is a work-in-progress mod with iffy voice acting but plenty of promise. The team have plumped to keep first-person rather than fiddle with viewpoints – but they’ve recreated Fallout 1’s overworld as a tabletop map replete with random encounters.

They’re already done with Vaults 13 and 15, have made lots of progress with Shady Sands and Junktown, and are starting work on Necropolis, The Hub and The Glow.

Here’s footage of The Story’s first segment. Mark Morgan’s searing soundtrack instantly recontextualises the overfamiliar Fallout 3 engine, and the fixed-perspective dialogue nails the feel of the talking heads in Black Isle’s original. The rat-punching of the opening is much as I remember it, too.

Would you play through Fallout 1 once more in first-person?