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Play Fallout: New Vegas as a YouTube-your-own-adventure

Fallout: New Vegas

More than a few PC gamers found early agency in the choose-your-own-adventure novels of Fighting Fantasy or, later, Goosebumps. It’s only fitting that we return there now. For those occasions when a Let’s Play is too passive but keyboard and mouse too involved, here’s a brave adaptation of Fallout: New Vegas, entitled Choose Your Own Apocalypse.

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As always, Obsidian’s game begins in bed, with the new knowledge that you’ve just been shot in head and left to die in the desert. But in Many A True Nerd’s YouTube series, you’re then given a simple choice: make a beeline for Las Vegas, despite the dangers, or meander along a safer route via Primm?

There’s actually a lot more work involved here than might be apparent from the off. New Vegas isn’t a world of clear binaries, for the most part, but a simulated sandbox of granular shifts and emergent happenings. Nevertheless, using a little artistic license – surely this Stealth Boy has worn off by now? – MaTN’s Jon weaves a pretty convincing narrative.

If you decide to participate, you’re better off playing on a desktop – you’ll miss out on the YouTube annotations on mobile.