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Fanfare for Firefall: Red 5's MMO shooter is on Steam now, unlocks July 29


In the last year, we’ve seen Firefall PvP taken offline, Red 5 CEO Mark Kern dismissed by his board of directors, and a $23m funding boost to Firefall’s development. In fact, Firefall has been developed and redeveloped enough times now that you’d be forgiven for assuming it’d been released already somewhere along the line. 

But it deserves a bit of trumpeting. Full-time MMO, part time competitive shooter, Red 5 Studios’ debut can claim to be not quite like anything else in either genre. Perhaps you’ll consider playing it for nothing in just over two weeks' time.

Firefall is free-to-play, so its new Steam page isn’t currently serving any monetary function. For now it’s good for confirmation that the game’s going to get all the good stuff associated with Valve’s platform - Steam Achievements, trading cards, controller support and the like.

Red 5 will pull down their beta servers today for a 24-hour maintenance session - and from tomorrow, existing players will enjoy the release version of the game unbothered by newcomers until the end of the month.

“We have disabled the ability for newly created accounts to log in and play Firefall,” announced Red 5 on Thursday. “When the patch goes live on the 15th, it will only be accessible to existing players, or new players who have early access.”

Digital starter packs have cost $29.99 and offer 30 days of early access, but are now presumably useless. Any would-be players who create new accounts before launch won’t be able to build a character.

Have you been in the beta? Or are you, understandably, waiting for this free-to-play game to be free?

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AsianJoyKiller avatarAever avatar
AsianJoyKiller Avatar
3 Years ago

I was in the beta for quite a while, and long ago purchased some sort of middle-teir founders pack. But I stopped playing some months before they removed PvP. The removal of PvP insured I didn't return.

I'll probably give it another shot now. But I won't hold my breath, especially as I was in it for the PvP, which never really ended up being that great.

Aever Avatar
3 Years ago

The only thing I can say about this game is "give it a shot". It's free and there's nothing to lose. Personally, I only played it a long while ago and saw some potential, but also a lot of repetition.