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Expect an “outlandish” Far Cry 4 spinoff in the style of Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3, and the Blood Dragon in question.

Far Cry 4 Komodo Vessels. Rideable elephants reskinned as lumbering, scaly tanks. I’m just spitballing here: but the point is, so are Ubisoft. Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson says the publisher knows “outlandish” standalone expansions are “good for everybody”.

Hutchinson spoke about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon as if it had broken new creative ground within Ubisoft.

“I think it was cool because the guys that worked on that, it was fun to say that a DLC didn’t have to be irrelevant and you could take some risks with it and do something outlandish,” he told PC Gamer.

Post-release risk-taking is now part of Far Cry’s DNA, said Hutchinson, as much as a unique antagonist and a new open world to explore.

“Whatever we choose to do with the smaller spin-off projects, I think we’ve now decided it’s good for everybody, for the fans and for us, to do something outlandish,” he finished. “We haven’t decided yet but I’m sure you’ll be surprised.”

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon sales were exceptionally good – and a good portion of Ubisoft’s recent phone call to investors was devoted to bigging up Far Cry’s future as a series. So open world sci-fi shenanigans are all but ensured. How would you like to see Ubi follow up on Blood Dragon?