Far Cry 3 to get map editor


Despite the cynical use of breasts to hijack your interest within the first few seconds of showing it, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 presentation during their conference was one of the highlights, mostly because of how batshit crazy it was, but also as the guns sounded great, everything exploded, tigers died and we were assured that we had an entire archipelago to explore. And, after demonstrating the new four player coop mode a map editor was mentioned, letting you expand on an already burgeoning game world.

With the increasingly console led development of so many major projects, it’s difficult not to just accept that mod tools and map editors are a thing of a past, so whenever one pops up I get hit by a massive wave of nostalgia for downloading and trying out some interesting new construction within my games. Far Cry 3 already looks gorgeous, and open, and seeing what people do with that engine, and the level of crazy that comes with that many explosions, that many tiger attacks, and that crazy guy with a mohawk, should be pretty special.
The game’s due out at the beginning of September, when you too can get drugged and have virtual sex with a native tattooed lady. Which isn’t the craziest thing to do with Far Cry 3. It also has this boxart.