Far Cry 4’s PvP will let you duke it out using armoured vehicles, magic animals and teleportation

Far Cry 4 PvP

Along with single-player and co-op shenanigans, Far Cry 4 also bring PvP back to the series after a good long while. Fancy villain Pagan Min’s magical Rakshasha face off against the rebellious Golden Path faction in fights that rage across three modes and 10 maps. And it doesn’t look half bad. 

Rather than being simply a different colour, or reskins, the two factions appear to be asymmetrical. The Rakshasha can ride elephants and summon spirit buddies, fire off wacky arrows and blink around the battlefield. The Golden Path, though, has guns, rocket launchers and armoured vehicles.

Magic versus explosions.

You’ll get three modes to faff around in: Outpost, Propaganda and Demon Mask.

Outpost tasks the Golden Path with defending outposts, while the Rakshasha must assault them; Propaganda is similar, but reversed, with the Golden Path finding and destroying the tools the Rakshasha are using to spread Pagan Min’s propaganda; and Demon Mask is a capture the flag mode.

Far Cry 4 is due out next month.