The killing fields of Far Cry 4: from civil wars in forests to magical tigers in spirit realms

Far Cry 4 locations

Far Cry 3’s islands were lovely, but most of the world was tropical forests and pristine beaches. In Far Cry 4, there are three distinct areas with their own challenges beyond chaps with guns. 

Ubisoft’s been showing off the diverse locations at Gamescom, but you can get a glimpse of the killing grounds without going to Cologne. 

Kyrat’s the location we’ve seen the most of. It’s where the civil war is kicking off, amid forests and stampeding elephants.

Then there’s the Himalayan death zone, high up where the atmosphere is thin and avalanches pose problems.

But who cares about any of that when you can bugger off to Shangri-la and hang out with a magical tiger. Yes, you can do that.

“What you do with this world, is entirely up to you,” the trailer states, but you’ll mainly be shooting people and animals.