Far Cry 5’s second DLC will have you fight Martian spiders next week

far cry 5 lost on mars release date

Far Cry 5’s second DLC is set to release soon, with Lost on Mars taking us away from the bounds of planet Earth in favor of more alien locales and exotic enemies. Ubisoft has given us a quick taste with a new teaser trailer, as well as a release date slated for July 17.

The brief teaser trailer offers a bit of comic-style flavor – Hurk gets teleported to Mars, apparently by a hot alien – as well as just a brief taste of gameplay, showcasing the Martian locales and alien arachnids you’ll do battle with. You’ll take control of Nick Rye, doing battle against the alien bugs and working to restore an AI with the power to protect humanity. (I’m sure said computer intelligence won’t go evil in a dramatic third act twist, or anything.)

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On Mars, you’ll be able to get some amount of flight going by making use of the Space Jets. You’ll naturally have access to all kinds of sci-fi weapons, like the Blaster of Disaster – a “single shot space gun.” There’s also the Hellfire, which shouts over a dozen bouncing laser balls, and the Morphinator, which promises to “turn predators into prey” in explosive fashion. All the new weapons will carry back into the main campaign.

Lost on Mars will be available as part of the $29.99 / £25.99 / €29.99 season pass, or as an individual purchase. The standalone price hasn’t been confirmed, but the previous Hours of Darkness DLC was $11.99 / £9.99 / €11.99 on its own, so expect a similar price here. Far Cry Arcade will see a load of new assets from the DLC added free for all players.

Check out the trailer below – or here, if Ubisoft’s video region locks hit you.

That previous bit of DLC didn’t hit the mark for many fans. Our Hours of Darkness review paints it as a fairly empty take on the Far Cry formula, but hopefully Lost on Mars will prove a bit more worthwhile. Dead Living Zombies is set to close out the DLC trilogy in August.