Far Cry 5 photo mode lands tomorrow

far cry 5 photo mode

Far Cry 5 finally gets a photo mode this week. It’s coming a day late for your 4th of July celebrations, but the mode will keep the spirit of America strong by offering you the chance to capture the majesty of rural Montana for posterity.

When the free title update goes live on July 5, you’ll be able to reach photo mode from the pause menu. The option will be accessible from all single-player modes, including the main campaign, DLC add-ons, and any solo Far Cry Arcade maps you check out.

Enabling photo mode will swing the view out to third-person to help you set up your shot, or just get a better look at your character. You’ll have control over camera movement and rotation “in the area around your character” – so don’t expect to send your view too far into the distance.

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You’ll also have more granular controls, letting you set time of day, field of view, or hide certain characters. The game also provides a set of filters, frames, and logos to add to the shot, and yes – you will be able to set your character’s facial expression for maximum shenanigans. PC shots are automatically saved straight to your hard drive.

Here’s what that options menu looks like.

far cry 5 photo mode options

This update also adds a multiplayer lobby browser in Far Cry Arcade, and populates the editor with more items from Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars. The full patch notes also include a heap of bug fixes to keep things running smooth.