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There’s a secret alien weapon in Far Cry 5 - here’s how to get it

how to get magnopulser far cry 5 alien weapon

Far Cry 5 includes a lot of silly things, including but not limited to Donald Trump’s pee tape. But while urination videos can only be political weapons against the president, the game also holds some side missions featuring decidedly more deadly additions to your arsenal. Perhaps the coolest is the Magnopulser, a piece of alien tech that can shred enemies.

Here’s how to recruit all Far Cry 5’s guns and fangs for hire.

You’ll have to start by finding and rescuing Larry Parker, directly east of Fall’s End in John’s region. He’ll stand out, since he’s trapped in a massive electrified cage, and all. Once you turn off the generators to get Larry out of his predicament, he’ll recruit you to help him make contact with aliens – which means, of course, a new handful of missions to complete.

The missions – The Hero’s Journey, Close Encounters, and Out of this World – are fairly straightforward, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with them. Once you’ve finished all Larry’s tasks and meet back up with him, a quick use of his teleporter will net you the Magnopulser. (At the minor cost of Larry himself.)

The Magnopulser is an energy weapon with the ability to turn most enemies into a fine red mist, or send bigger foes like bears flying. We’ve yet to test it on the game’s deadly turkeys, however. It’s got infinite ammo, but will overheat, so try not to get too reliant on it.