Far Cry New Dawn perks: every unlockable ability to help you survive the apocalypse

Pocket those perk points and decide what abilities will help you survive the post-apocalypse with this guide

What are the best Far Cry New Dawn perks? Acquiring new skills is vital to surviving Ubisoft’s neon apocalypse and Far Cry New Dawn’s abilities will naturally help give you that extra edge. Included in your menu of crazy skills are the options to carry more weapons, become an expert lock picker, equip you with a cool wingsuit, and improve your brutal enemy takedowns. There are also perks that increase your damage output and stealth, which will be essential when it comes to taking on the game’s toughest enemies.

In order to unlock these Far Cry New Dawn skills you’re going to need perk points. These can be earned through completing missions in the ‘Challenges’ tab in the menu and by picking up perk magazines. The latter can be snagged after completing Prepper Stash puzzles located all over Hope County. Challenges in Far Cry New Dawn vary from liberating outposts, killing highwaymen to finding items and hiring specialists.

There are a total of 25 Far Cry New Dawn perks for you to choose from and we’ve put together a list of all of them and what they do below. We’ve started the list with the cheapest perks and worked up to the more expensive ones with the perk point cost in brackets. So, without further ado, here are the abilities you’ll need to succeed in post-nuclear Montana.

Here are all the Far Cry New Dawn perks:

  • Tactical Binoculars  equip binoculars to tag enemies more quickly, from greater distances, and in a wider radius (unlocked from the beginning).
  • Well-Armed – carry a third weapon (unlocked from the beginning).
  • Grapple (2)  attach a grapple to a grapple point. Fall damage is reduced.
  • Fishing Rod (2) – adds a fishing rod to your weapon wheel.
  • More Lung Capacity (2) – increases half breath duration while sniping and while underwater. Increases sprint duration.
  • Repair Torch (3) – adds the Repair Torch to the weapon wheel. Repairs vehicles, cracks opens safes, and burns enemies.
  • Skydiver (3) – use a wingsuit while falling. Fall damage is reduced.
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  • More Fist Damage (3) – increases fist and kick damage.
  • More Medkits (3) – increases carry amount for med kits.
  • More Melee Weapons (3) – increases carry amount for melee weapons
  • More Throwables (3) – increases carry amount for Explosives, Throwing Knives and Bait
  • More Light Ammo (3) – increases ammo carry amount for the Handgun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Arrows.
  • More Heavy Ammo (3) – increases ammo carry for the LMG, RPG, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, and Saw Launcher.
  • Hotwire (4) – automatically disables booby-traps on Highwaymen vehicles.
  • Heavily Armed (4) – carry a fourth weapon. Unlock Well Armed first.
  • Locked and Loaded (5) – reload weapons while aiming with semi-automatic handguns or sniper rifles. Switch to the last equipped weapon more quickly.
  • Lock Picking (6) –  pick locks on doors and safes. 

  • Mechanics (6) – reduces weapons overheating on machine guns. When in a vehicle, it will slowly repair itself. 
  • Outdoor Enthusiast (7) – prey won’t flee as easily. Fish are easier to reel in once hooked.  Unlock Fishing Rod first.
  • Dexterity (7) – accelerates consumable crafting, sabotage, disabling alarms, and opening safes and supply drops. Throwback incoming dynamite. 
  • Advanced Takedowns (7) – takedown Rank II enemies. During a Takedown, throw melee weapon at a nearby enemy.
  • Saboteur (8) – explode vehicles after 10 seconds. Explode vehicles when they hit an obstacle at high speeds. Explode alarms and mounted weapons when used. 
  • Covert (8) – decreases noise level when moving. Increases movement speed when crouched.
  • Expert Takedowns (8) – takedown Rank III enemies. During a Takedown, shoot with your sidearm. Unlock Advanced Takedowns first.
  • Master Takedowns (10) – takedown Elite enemies. During a Takedown and perform another takedown on an adjacent enemy. Unlock Expert Takedowns and Advanced Takedowns first.

There we have it, all Far Cry New Dawn perks and what they do. If you want more help with conquering Mickey and Lou’s treacherous playground then make sure to check out our Far Cry New Dawn Specialists guide. It should be your first port of call when it comes to unlocking all the Guns and Fangs for Hire that can accompany you on your adventure.