Far Cry New Dawn Specialists: all Guns and Fangs for Hire and where to find them

Each AI-powered companion adds a new dimension to your post-apocalyptic adventure. Here's how to unlock them

Wondering where all the Far Cry New Dawn Specialists are? You’re going to need them; Hope County has changed since you last visited. There’s nothing like a good nuclear apocalypse to, err, breathe life and colour back into a place. Between liberating outposts from the brutal Highwaymen and the constant grind for ethanol – for fuel, we promise – it can be a pretty dangerous place. That said, there are some new friends and familiar faces to help you out whenever you need them.

There are eight Far Cry New Dawn Specialists to recruit in Hope County and they are just as colourful as the landscape. There’s an angry Pastor who has converted to a the more violent creed of the berserker, a mysterious masked hunter, and a granny with a sniper rifle. What’s more, they unlock perks when they get 15 and 40 kills, so it pays to stick with them at least until then.

When it comes to Far Cry 5’s Specialists, you needed to complete certain missions to unlock them. Most likely this is the case here, but we’ll have to wait until the Far Cry New Dawn release date to know that for sure. Until then, here are the Far Cry New Dawn Guns and Fangs for Hire that can join you on your violent, post-apocalyptic romp.

Here are all the Far Cry New Dawn Specialists:

Carmina Rye – Assaulter

  • Vehicle: Car
  • Dynamite: Carmina throws a stick of Dynamite
  • Make it a triple: Carmina throws 3 sticks of dynamite in quick succession

Pastor Jerome – Berserker

  • Vehicle: Motorbike
  • Hole Fire: Jerome throws a Molotov cocktail
  • Blessed Bullets: Jerome uses incendiary ammo
  • Location: You can find Pastor Jerome south of the Chop Shop

The Judge – Hunter

  • Stealth: When you are this silent, you prefer your feet to a vehicle
  • Feral Friendly: While the Judge is with you, animals will not attack unless they are attacked first
  • Harsh Judgement: The Judge Shoots three arrows simultaneously at a a target
  • Location: Prove yourself to New Eden to meet the Judge

Gina Guerra – Heavy Gunner

  • Vehicle: Armed car
  • Who’s Counting: Gina has unlimited ammo
  • Overload: Gina uses explosive ammo
  • Location: This Highwaymen traitor is a know associate of Sharky

Nana – Sniper

  • Silencer: She puts silencers on everything!
  • Smoke Monster: Nana sees through smoke
  • Piercing Gaze: Nana shoots through cover
  • Location: Find Nana southeast of Signal Point

Hurk Drubman Jr. – RPG

  • Vehicle: Quad bike
  • Fast Hands: Hurk reloads faster
  • Heat Seeker: RPGs will track air and land vehicles
  • Location: Find Hurk southeast of Trailer Town

Horatio – Tank

  • Shield Break: When Horatio charges someone with a shield, he will knock it from their grasp
  • Pig’s Endurance: When Horatio is down, he gets back on his feel without your help
  • Porcine Fury: In a fit of rage, Horatio destroys everything in his path
  • Location: Find Horatio northwest of the Pantry

Timber – Scout

  • Retriever: Timber will tag enemies, dig Crafting Materials and sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack
  • Pointer: Timber will tag Crafting Materials nearby
  • Guard Dog: Timber will intercept animals trying to attack you
  • Location: Find Timber northeast of the Broken Forge

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And there we are, all Far Cry New Dawn Specialists and where to find them. Their variety promises a wide range of play styles, so we recommend you chop and change between them to see all that this devastated world has to offer. But, if you need catching up on the denouement of the previous game, check out our Far Cry 5 endings guide. That way you’re all ready to face Mickey and Lou in the super bloom of post-nuclear Hope County.