The big PCGamesN quiz: Can you name all the Ubisoft studios?

Ubisoft studios quiz

Beloved French studio/publisher/megacorportion Ubisoft are pretty huge. They have studios in practically every continent on the planet, ensuring there’s someone working 24/7 on an Assasin’s Creed game. But do you know the names and locations of every Ubisoft studio on our fair green earth?

Which Ubisoft title makes an appearance on our list of the best PC games?

We like to be educational and fun here at PCGamesN, so we invite you to play our Ubisoft quiz. Five simple questions, one full Ubisoft curriculum. Within just a few minutes you’ll be well-informed to the numerous studios Ubisoft commands. But how many can you guess on your first try?

What score did you get? Have you been paying attention to the splash screens at the start of your Ubisoft games? Share your results in the comments.