Plan a impromptu trip to the wilderness, as the Far Cry series goes on sale this weekend

E3 2016 Far Cry 5

With it being quite a week for open world games, Ubisoft have decided to get in on the fun with a special weekend sale for the Far Cry series. This sale discounts almost every entry in the Far Cry series and includes a special main series bundle which brings together all five major releases in one package.

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All Far Cry games besides Blood Dragon have received around 50% to 66% off, meaning you can grab the whole Far Cry series for under $60/£40, if you buy as part of the Far Cry Bundle.

The only game to come with all of its accompanying DLC is Far Cry 2, while the rest of the games will require open world fans to buy their respective season passes or digital deluxe editions.

Luckily, Far Cry 4’s season pass, the Apex edition of Far Cry Primal and the Digital Deluxe Edition of Far Cry 3 are all 50% off, so don’t worry about splurging muc more for those complete editions. Do be wary that the Far Cry bundle does not include any season passes or digital bonuses, so buy games separately if you want to get absolutely everything.

The sale ends on March 6, so check out the Steam sale page and possibly enjoy a budget trip to the jungle, the mountains or the savannah this weekend.