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Far Cry Primal competition winner will sleep in a cave that normally charges €250 per night per person

Far Cry Primal contest

Seriously. The winner of Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry Primal promotion – “Night in a Cave” – will be sent to a cave located in the Pyrénées area (Ouzous) of France for a chance to experience a “hostile part of nature” and to “push your limits and reconnect with your most primal instincts.” According to the contest’s costs breakdown, the cave itself isn’t cheap and there’s a hotel-style promotional video. Of course there is.

If you’d like to hear a bit more about the game that’s set this contest in motion, do check out our Far Cry Primal hands-on.

So, how do I enter, I hear you ask? Joining the prize draw is quite simple – tweet the official Far Cry Primal Twitter account with the coinciding hashtag and a brief description of why Ubisoft should pick you. Should you win, you’ll get to bring one lucky friend along to rough it alongside you. Here’s the competition’s promo trailer:

Okay, so that was cringeworthy. The winner’s itinerary in full, however, does suggest the trip will be a lot more interesting that what the above video describes:

  • 3 days & 2 nights package exploring a cave located in the Pyrénées area (Ouzous) in France for the Winner and the at least 18 years old travelling companion of his choice.
  • Accommodation, transportation, catering and travels costs will be borne by the Sponsor.
  • Day 1 – Sunday January 30th 2016: travel from the airport nearby residency place to Lourdes-Tarbes Airport, France.
  • Night 1- Sunday January 30th 2016: stay in an hotel in Lourdes city.
  • Day 2 – Monday February 1st 2016: transportation by car to the cave and survival training (discovery of techniques and methods in the wildlife).
  • Night 2 – Monday February 1st 2016: night in the cave.
  • Day 3 – Tuesday February 2nd 2016: travel back (transportation from the cave to the airport/train station + flight/train).

In all, Ubisoft reckon the trip is worth €2,800, so approximately £1,070/$1,525 each. To be fair, a trip to the Pyrénées does sound great, even if the main attraction sound a bit, well, meh. The survival training, depending on what it entails, sounds quite interesting, however the breakdown has that priced at €400 for both travellers (£306; $435), and then quotes: “Night at the cave: 500€ (five hundred euros) for two persons.”

Which either means there’s more to it than simply roughing it in the wild, or, conversely, that you’re maybe getting ripped off. Either way, will you be entering? Let us know in the comments below.

Far Cry Primal is due for release February 23.