Far Cry Primal rated M for torture, mutilation, and bump ‘n’ grind

Far Cry Primal

You probably can’t remember what it was like back in the Mesolithic era, mostly due to humans barely living over eight decades, but if you ever studied the early days of human activity, you probably know we weren’t a pleasant bunch back then. Killing, mutilating, and mutilating-before-killing were all part of life, if you weren’t getting it ‘on’ with someone who wouldn’t try and stab you. That’s what Far Cry Primal’s all about, apparently, and that content has achieved it an entirely expected M for Mature rating from the ESRB.

Thanks to its complete lack of guns, Far Cry Primal is unlikley to join its predecessor on our best shooters on PC roundup. Perhaps it belongs with our survival games?

The Far Cry games are now a good example of how humanity never really changes, but instead of the extortion and drug running our contemporaries get up to, Primal will show the reasons why our ancestors felt the need to be vicious. “It’s not war, but survival,” explained creative director Jean-Cristophe Guyot in a recent developer blog.

“Throughout the story, we give you good reasons why they’re here and why they’re dangerous to you, but we don’t want them to feel like stupid guards,” he explained. “So they have a life. We try to create a culture and religion for every type of tribe, and at some of the outposts, they’re actually playing music, fishing and doing other tasks.”

Some of that culture involves chopping enemies up and displaying them on spikes, or drilling holes in people’s heads. Take a look at the ESRB report, which details some reasons for the M rating:

“One cutscene depicts a character being held in a fire while screaming; another depicts Takkar tapping a hole in another character’s skull as the man screams. Some scenes depict corpses in various states of mutilation: heads and torsos on spikes; ears cut off and kept as trophies; headless bodies lying in pools of blood. Certain scenes or camera angles can depict male genitalia under garments or in shadows; some female characters are depicted topless. A handful of scenes depict characters engaged in sexual activity while clothed; grunts and short moans can be heard, though no explicit details are seen.”

If you can’t wait to engage in various acts of barbarism, or get an up-skirt screenshot of a tribesman, then you just need wait until Far Cry Primal’s release date of March 1st.

Thanks, PC Gamer.