Far Cry Primal’s latest trailer is just a little bit brutal

Far Cry Primal trailer

The latest Far Cry Primal trailer to creep out of its much-anticipated cave is entitled King of the Stone Age. If what’s depicted within is anything to go by, earning such a title ain’t gonna be easy.

Far Cry Primal is on our upcoming PC games watch list.

With ravenous wolves, angry wooly mammoths, temperamental snow leopards, savages threatening to feed us to tribes folk, a woman screaming for unknown but probably legitimate reasons, and a medicine man force-feeding us some sort of hallucinogenic – it’s hard to take the “land of epic beauty” descriptor that heads the trailer seriously. Sure, the prehistoric world does look gorgeous but, bloody hell, does it look dangerous too.

You wouldn’t have it any other way though, right? Here’s how Oros is shaping up:

“In Far Cry Primal, the majestic land of Oros has been torn apart due to the confrontation of the three dominant tribes who seek the same single purpose: to conquer it,” reads a statement released by Ubisoft today. ”Takkar’s people, The Wenja tribe, is at risk. They are being attacked by both the cannibals of the Udam tribe, led by the cruel warrior Ull, and the fire worshipers of the Izila tribe, led by the high priestess Batari.”

The statement continues on to describe Oros as a “land full of dangers” which really seems to go without saying. I’ve moaned in the past about how redundant crafting has been in previous Far Cry games – something the developers addressed recently in a livestream – but I am looking forward to how it works in Primal – given it’ll be done within a more believable context of survival.

“Savage at heart” lines the bottom of the logo at the end of the trailer there. Quite.

Far Cry Primal is due for release on PC March 1.