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Pottery + animal fat = bombs, so sayeth Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal bombs

Crafting, as anyone who’s torn apart a boar in the name of acquiring a better ammo belt will attest, is one of Far Cry’s core pillars. It’s no surprise then that Takkar the prehistoric predator is a crafty one himself, able to scavenge useful materials from his environment in Far Cry Primal and turn them into weapons and equipment. 

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More surprising, though, is the revelation that it’s possible to create an explosive device using bits of broken pottery and handfuls of animal fat. Those are the two materials required to create fire bombs in Far Cry Primal, one of three craftable explosive types.

Take that, tenth century China! Takkar got there 10,900 years before you, and he didn’t have to mess about with saltpetre, sulfur or charcoal to get there.

Game director Thomas Simon tells us this alchemical combination is one of three bomb types in the game:

“There’s the bee bomb, which is literally [acquired when] you gather a part of a bee hive and you throw it at enemies. It’s a stealth bomb you can use without triggering any alarm. You have the poison bomb, which is basically created from plants and drives enemies mad so they attack each other, and you can also apply that poison on your knife.

“And finally the fire bomb, [which] you learn by stealing tech from another tribe and using animal fat and pottery to make an explosive device that’s going to set things on fire. Those seem a bit like exotic weapons for the time, but technically they are doable. we have no idea if they were used ever, but they are plausible [and] possible.”