Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon achievements suggest a standalone expansion is incoming


Far Cry 3 looks to be getting an expansion/DLC called Blood Dragon, if the recently spotted XBLA achievement list is to be believed.

While we shouldn’t draw too many conclusions from the list, it’s safe to say you will be killing all the things. Again.

Joystiq spotted earlier this month that the Brazilian games rating board had processed a title called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, what the game was to be wasn’t clear, at that point they only had the title. Now, Exophase have their hands on the list of achievements for this Blood Dragon thingie, confirming it for the Xbox, at least. It’s a safe assumption that the release will be coming to the PC, too.

The achievements themselves are largely what you’d expect from a game that encourages shooting, killing, and animal genocide. Case in point, “Murder Nature – Kill all the animal types” and “The Only True Stopper – Headshot Every Type of Enemy”.

It’s the less general achievements which suggest something strange is afoot in Blood Dragon. “Set Them Free” has you “Destroy five brain cages”, not your standard Friday night activity. Most pertinent to the game’s title is “Blood Dragon Down” which has you “Kill Your First Dragon”. Maybe they’re talking about a komodo dragon, maybe.

Soon as we hear more from Ubisoft we’ll fill you in.